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Q- Does the hydro shower cubicle waste pipe move? (model 9918)

A- The waste is on a flexi pipe so you can manoeuvre where needed to.

Q- Tube glass waterfall mixer tap - how does the mixer work on separating hot and cold feeds?

A- There are two flexi pipes one for the hot and one for the cold water.

Q- Shower tower - Is this unit thermostatically controlled? (model APL011) 

A- No it is just a manual mixer, we have the APT038 Designer model that is thermostatic.

Q- Do steam showers need a pressure equalising valve (pev)? 

A- If the hot and cold feeds are of uneven pressures then yes.

Q-  What pressure is required to operate a steam shower? 

A- The shower requires between 1.5 and 3 bar of pressure.

Q- What does HE mean? 

A- High efficiency which refers to condensing boilers.

Q- What does SE mean? 

A- Standard efficiency, which refers non-condensing boilers. Please check with a registered gas fitter to ensure you can fit an SE boiler in your property.

Q-  Does the infa-red taps have hot and cold feeds? 

A- No they only have a single feed.  They can be run on cold only or you can connect an under basin thermostatic mixing valve.

Q- What is the delivery time? 

A- Dependant on the item and the area for delivery they are normally made within 3-5 working days.